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Our Golden Silhouette Technique is unique. It is the product of many years of practice and training by the best plastic surgeons, applying different manual body sculpting massage modalities, followed by the addition of the most advanced manual Lymphatic Drainage procedure, always performed by a certified and highly skilled practitioner.

Our company believes in the fusion of two worlds – a natural holistic approach and the most innovative medical advanced techniques – to treat every mind and body type and achieve every client’s goal in the safest environment.

The Golden Silhouette operates in a calm and private atmosphere where relaxation takes the place of our daily pressures and stress. This is the first step to preparing the body in a softened way to successfully perform the manual “sculpting-body-contour” or “Palper Rouler,” as it is called in France, with the final application of lymphatic drainage to lead all of the excess retained water in the body to elimination. The result of our process is that you will feel lighter and achieve a slimmer, more desirable contour.

We sincerely believe that beauty resonates with a healthier lifestyle. That flows from our training in Holistic Health Practice and life coaching. We listen carefully to our clients and then provide them with the very best, customized treatment.


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