The Lymphatic Drainage

The hallmark of our “Golden Silhouette” Technique is the effectiveness of combining lymphatic drainage with adipose tissue manipulation.

The lymphatic system is one of the most vital systems in our body. It consists of multiple organs present throughout the body and it performs a number of functions, but especially one for our technique, “cleansing ” which is fundamental while we are living with COVID-19 in order to maintain a clean , healthy, and strong immune system to combat any diseases.

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The lymphatic system is complex because of its diverse functions. It is formed with lymph vessels or collectors, lymph nodes, the spleen, the thymus, tonsils, lymphocites, and lymph fluids, and its functions include: • Returning protein and water from the interstitium (fluid-filled spaces in tissue that are connected throughout the body) to the cardiovascular system. • Absorbing protein, fat and fat-soluble vitamins through the “chyle, ” a milky fluid consisting of fat droplets and lymph which drains from the small intestine into the lymphatic system during digestion. • Recognizing and responding to foreign cells, microbes, toxins, viruses, bacteria and cancer cells by producing an amazing response to help immune system.The majority of lymph nodes are found in the abdomen (intestines). A large quantity of lymph nodes are also found in the head and neck region, and they located as well in the axilla (armpits) and inguinal (groin) areas. The nodes vary in size and shape, both round and oval, and are covered by a capsule of dense connective tissue. The lymphatic organs have an amazing and important immunological function. The white blood cells (or lymphocytes) are stored in the lymph nodes. They have the ability to recognize foreign cells, substances, microbes and cancer cells and to respond to them by destroying and eliminating them from our body. In this respect, the white blood cells are very important in fighting infections and enhancing the body’s immune capabilities. Importantly for us, lymph nodes are located generally in the adipose tissue and therefore are ordinarily not palpable, or noticeable. However, when the nodes enlarge and are readily palpable, that then may be a sign of illness or something serious occurring in the body. The spleen is similar to a lymph node in shape and structure, but it is much larger, it is actually is the largest organ in the lymphatic system. The spleen filters blood in much the same way that the lymph nodes filter lymph. Lymphocytes in the spleen react to pathogens in the blood and attempt to destroy them. The thymus is a soft organ with two lobes, and its primary function is the processing and maturation of special lymphocytes called T, or T cells. The T cells are a major component of the adaptive immune system and are a subgroup of the white blood cells. The role is to directly kill infected host cells, activating other immune cells, producing cytokines and regulating the immune response. We call them the “warrior” and “helper” cells. As you can see, the lymphatic system has a critical role in homeostasis because it helps to balance the excess fluids or water retention and to send the excess through elimination. The Golden Silhouette Technique – the adipose tissue manipulation and lymphatic drainage together – activates the lymphatic system and drains the excess liquids when their elimination from body is not properly functioning or is slow.